The ALICE Physics Week will be held at the Autonomous University of Puebla from 27 November to 1 December

APW-Puebla will bring together members of the ALICE collaboration to discuss on their latest research progress and is the seventh in the series; following APW05(Erice), APW07(Munster), APW08 (Prague), APW10 (Paris), APW11 (Jyvaskyla) and APW12(Frascati).

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We believe it is a great honour for the BUAP University and the Mexican teams participating in ALICE to host such a special event. We hope that you can find some time in your busy schedule to attend the APW and share your ideas and projects here in Puebla.

APW-Puebla is sponsored by BUAP, CINVESTAV, UNAM and UAS, in conjunction with CERN and EPLANET.